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Applications for vehicle tracking

GX Terminal Android app for tablets

Mobile office software for monitoring vehicles and for working with transport used not only by dispatchers.

GX Android App for tabletsA mobile application has been added to enable communication between dispatchers and drivers in their lorries via terminals. An application for transport management using an Android tablet. If you use tablets in lorries and trust in this environment, this is an ideal solution. You need no further control and communication equipment, not even navigation; everything is contained within the application. 

It gives a summary of every moment of the transport. It displays the situation and what is happening. The result is precise and practical: connecting events on the road to the office, connecting administration, vehicle management and transport economics. We recommend this application for SAMSUNG Galaxy tablets.

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A real time view. Information with a visualisation of the transport at any time, in any place. Support even outside working hours, and outside the office. If you have information, you can have controlled access to transports and to customer orders.


GPRS communication between dispatcher and driver. Dispatchers can communicate with drivers directly from the office. Drivers communicate together in the same way and share news and information related to transport planning and the course of the transport. This form of communication is much better value that traditional text messages.


Vehicle navigation in the application itself. Comfortable planning, simple checks of routes, turn-offs, stops. With a few clicks in the SW, the dispatcher gives the driver precise instructions and send the routes and points of interest straight to the vehicle.

GX Mobile TDM Smartphones App

GX Mobile app for vehicle trackingUpdate mobile app. 

Updated application from the version of Android 3.2 and above. The update includes new, better maps, quicker access to information and support of functions with new units and the new Smart TDM SW. For customers using the previous version, we recommend un-installing it first from the mobile equipment. Then install a new update from Google Play. The version is not compatible with the previous version and for this reason updates do not appear automatically.

Android application for the smartphones of customers who already have implemented vehicle monitoring. You suddenly have in your hands the most important facts on vehicle movement and status. The advantage of the mobile application is monitoring vehicles without needing any special equipment. Basic information on cars, machines and employees is displayed directly in your palm, in your smartphone.

Quick installation of GX Mobile TDM app

Quick installation through Google Play.


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Immediate localisation of position and monitoring of vehicle movement. Where's my car? Which way did it go? What condition is it in? How fast did it go? Visualisation and vehicle status in detail.


Fuel consumption? You can see this important and significant data in comfort wherever you are. You have in your hand information on fuel consumption, how much the driver is "using up" and not only this.


Comfortable and reliable chat. Simple communication with employees and between employees in the field. Following vehicle operation with operative management even outside the office. An early reaction allows you to react immediately in a suitable way to the course of transport, to unexpected situations or eventual complications on the road.

GX Web TDM app.

The service enables vehicles to be followed anywhere via internet access. Monitoring vehicles and information from the field at home and abroad is provided by this application online with minimal monthly costs. Immediate vehicle location, precise electronic vehicle log book. This application's options, however, give a broader view of how your fleet and your drivers are working. It depends what you need at the time. Extras can include controlling the vehicle fleet via a mobile application. Both these services have full technical support and are being permanently improved.

Do you know what is happening right now with your vehicles? Where is your stolen car? Are your employees working conscientiously: are they where you sent them? Are they driving according to the dispatcher's instructions? If an incident has happened, who was responsible? What is the driver doing right now? ...The monitoring system will give you the answers to these questions, and more.

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Online vehicle monitoring

Everything about vehicle movement. You know whether the agreed business meetings took place, whether the drivers delivered their goods everywhere, whether they cleared all the roads... Information for an updated overview of your vehicle fleet. Help to investigate accidents, incidents, thefts... to work with police, insurance companies.

An end to wasted kilometres

Monitoring shows how much driving has been honestly carried out, and how many kilometres have been "wasted". No-one will take advantage of your vehicles for home shopping or to do an extra job instead of real work for your money. Whenever you look, you can see precise records of every trip and route.

Reports simplify work and reduce the administrative burden

The electronic vehicle log book puts an end to writing it the log book out by hand. It is electronic, precise and accepted by official institutions. It shows when, where and how fast the vehicle was driven, how many kilometres it drove and what its consumption was, as well as much further information on the vehicle, machine and drivers.

Following and import of costs

You can follow the costs linked to the use of each vehicle. Based on the monitored data and imported data, you obtain clear reports for the technical management of vehicles and for planning costs.