Monitoring of internal logistics
Safety, fewer accidents, higher efficiency


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Production, industry and other solutions

Lean management. Safety and efficiency of operations. Technology performance. Work of operators.


Monitoring forklift truck operations

Monitoring system for administering and managing a fleet of materials handling technology suitable for putting into practice lean methods. The only universal monitoring for the uses of internal logistics regardless of the type of movement, manufacturer and age of the fork-lift trucks. Many functions and reports for use in every production premises.

Key benefits:

  • measurable, precise and transparent data
  • provides an overview of technology use
  • checks drivers
  • efficiency and economy of the operations
  • management of investments into technology
  • increased safety
  • reduces of operating costs including servicing

Monitoring of the operations of electrical cranes

An analytical and control tool which increases the level of use of bridge cranes. It integrates information on technology, people and actions in order to meet as best as possible operational actions in production. A telemetry solution for a wide range of industry and production.

Key benefits:

  • exact background documents on the use of cranes
  • more effective use of capacities
  • optimising and planning production
  • safety of the operations
  • objective data for evaluating employees

Personnel monitoring

Monitoring system for personal safety and lowering the risks of danger at work. Employees are exposed to the risk of various events depending on the nature of their work, or a great emphasis is placed on the efficiency of their activity. Safety with a mobile localisation unit is paramount, however.

Use: industrial businesses; salespeople; field and outdoor workers; risk professions; work on building sites, in difficult and dangerous conditions, in unguarded buildings and large-scale workplaces; employees in forestry and agriculture; private entities; social services...


Monitoring of aggregates

A monitoring system for mobile and free-standing electricity generators. A useful tool for controlling operations and preventing unwanted situations with the aim of saving costs.

Key advantages:

  • online overview of active generators
  • location of the generator – you know where it is
  • control of operation (engine working, consumption and status of fuel, state of tension)
  • fuel tanking under detailed control
  • prediction of when fuel needs to be tanked
  • monitoring open doors
  • safety and alarms with immediate information (open door, engine failure, loss of fuel, sub-limit state of tension, leaving the defined zone)

Monitoring of cars

If your vehicle fleet also includes cars, take advantage of monitoring the logistics activity of technology to check and optimise the operation of this vehicle fleet. Integrated data management, one environment, one system.

  • supervise business trips
  • more economical driving and more responsible drivers
  • saves time on administering and managing the fleet's agenda
  • saves total operational costs

Monitoring lorries

If lorries are also used in your operations, you can follow the transport activity of these vehicles in the same system as you follow the use of technology.

  • GPS vehicle monitoring
  • supervises performance and load
  • monitors and protects diesel in the tank
  • online data communication between the dispatcher and the vehicle (driver)
  • control of transports and any incidents on the road