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Why choose GX monitoring?

We are a partner with tradition, many years of experience and a strong background. In 1996 we launched an era of vehicle monitoring and we remain outstanding in this highly competitive sector. As well as the standard services known to everyone, we are experts in designing solutions and special projects. We develop specific functions; it doesn't begin and end in sales for us. We help and consult when choosing solutions. We meet further needs and fulfil clients' non-standard demands. We enjoy finding solutions which are not easily accessible for our client. We provide complex services with a single fee and interesting benefits. We provide a local product with our own development and support.

Telemetry units

GPS monitoring units are part of the hardware of the monitoring system. They are installed in vehicles in such a way as not to be visible. The professional "hidden" installation prevents manipulation with this measurement and recording equipment by the driver or other unauthorised person. The unit records and archives in real time many parameters and data on the vehicle operation. It also finds out information on the status of various peripheral equipment and add-on structures of the vehicle. To determine the position, it uses a satellite GPS system, and RFID technology under certain conditions. It uses GPRS to communicate with the service and for data transfer. The data is then available to the user in the software and in applications. Using the unit, fuel tanking can be monitored and fuel consumption in the tank can be measured. It also has a security function. It integrates data into software. It is easy to operation. We propose several types of equipment suitable for monitoring different vehicle fleets. We recommend that clients use them according to the properties, possibilities and level of complexity of the functions of the unit. We develop and produce them in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic.


Smart TDM Software

The latest software for monitoring vehicle activities and evaluating the economics of vehicle operation. It has a new infrastructure which is very important to us. It has a direct impact on the use and possibilities of the application and on the workload. Data is the company's most important capital; it needs to be accessible at any time, resistant, protected and flexible. And this is all ensured by our software. It mainly enables information to be used immediately. The software works with the latest telemetry unit, as well as with older versions of GPS units, in order to protect the investments the client has already made into hardware. This integration partially supports the compatibility of the system which is related to the end of support for the software of versions older than TDM 2010. Compared to previous versions, the SW is more developed, more resistant, with better qualities, new functions, simpler and cheaper operation. The use of monitoring software is not only about control, an overview of information and saving money. The more functions and possibilities you have, the more you obtain and the better performance, opportunities and commercial results you can achieve.


Most popular monitoring functions in Smart TDM

We present here a summary of the most frequent functions of our sophisticated monitoring system. It contains simple, more complex and special functions, and integrates them into business systems already in use. It also solves specific questions where our clients are looking for the maximum added value, which we can provide for their money. Apparently, customers nowadays are demanding... In our opinion, they are just more mature, they learn, they understand the need and purpose of monitoring their vehicles in a different way. From the point of view of our ability to meet expectations, the system has basic and ordinary functions, as well as specific options and modules which push the clients' business forwards. It is not just a question of using functions, when "I've got" the system already, but it is about how to use the output and data to manage costs, time, risk, for planning... The Smart TDM software simplifies everyday work, information sharing, follows and manages vehicle operation, provides reports, summaries and answers.


Integration of IS and business software

Most companies use several specialised systems which are directly proportionate with the number and variety of their needs. There is no single one which might support all the company's needs. Data integration means gathering information into one data unit. Data integration from telemetry serves to share and further use information. Transport and vehicle operation are connected to the financial department, document administration, further activities and processes. We implement solutions to connect different types of systems used. They collect, complete and most of all simplify data. Integrating agendas simplifies work and immediately provides the necessary operational information. It helps control the running of the company at operational and cost level. It affects all the company's processes. We do not connect systems "ad hoc". We connect "different" worlds. Together with our client, we try to find a conceptual solution which minimises the difficulty of implementing changes or simplifies future changes as well as improving the quality of the database.


How does the vehicle monitoring system work?

The basis for the system working is cooperation between both our commercial department and the realisation team, and with the customer. During implementation, we make sure its function is continuously checked and pay attention to customer expectations and the correct interpretation of entry data. In technical terms, the system is one of the most advanced and complex on the market. A GPS/ GSM telemetry unit is installed in the vehicles in a place where it cannot be seen. The vehicles are connected from the external environment to the GX server. Communication between the vehicle and the server takes place online via GPRS. The data measured in real time and collected in the unit's memory is transferred to the system, where it is processed and save in the database. The system is built on a client-server architecture. The user must have the client's SmartTDM SW installed, via which it connects to the application server with the system's whole application logic. Data from the application server is also available via a API interface in the form of a web service.

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