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Performance analyses. Use of machine with measurement of revolutions. Statistical record. Fuel checks without theft.


Monitoring – construction partner

  • quality and control of machinery work
  • fewer imprecise and inaccurate administrative documents and papers
  • protection of fuel and diesel economy (against high consumption, unauthorised refuelling, diesel thefts...)
  • protection of machinery against misuse and theft
  • limitation of stoppage times and ineffective use
  • precise and clear professional reports
  • economy of machinery operation
  • simpler maintenance and servicing
  • optimising technology (in the case of rental or alternating use of machinery)
  • identification of inefficient and uneconomical machine operation

GPS machinery tracking

  • GPS localisation and monitoring of movement history
  • basic operational information
  • dispatch overview of all machinery on a map
  • online monitoring of locations and visibility in the field
  • creation of own zones for monitoring movement
  • control of position and work in the defined zone
  • immediate search for the machinery in the event of theft

Monitoring the performance of machinery and machinery operators

  • use of the machinery by measuring revolutions
  • monitoring the work of auxiliary equipment (MTH records)
  • precise identification and differentiation of work and neutral stoppage (precise information when it is (not) running and how long it runs for)
  • identification and personification of drivers
  • maximum of information on the driver's work
  • monitoring work machinery
  • monitoring work on particular work shift
  • overview of the load factor of the machine in time and its impact on consumption
  • independent monitoring of work in the event of a disconnected battery
  • monitoring of work carried out externally

Precise fuel monitoring

  • measurement of fuel directly in the tank
  • data collection on the consumption and status of fuel from the FMS protocol
  • detection of undesired decreases (theft) of fuel (even with engine off)
  • protection of the fuel tank against theft
  • monitoring and precise record of fuel consumption
    • special auxiliary equipment
    • by km driven
    • by engine hours worked
    • in neutral
  • control of what is left in the tanks
  • overview of refuelling and manipulation with fuel
  • control of authorisation of refuelling from fuel containers

Operating notifications and alarms

  • manipulation by an unauthorised person
  • unauthorised, unplanned machinery movement
  • unauthorised decreases and theft of fuel (even when engine is off)
  • unauthorised opening of fuel tanks
  • exceeding speed limit or prescribed km
  • beginning and end of the work of the auxiliary equipment
  • movement in a specific location
  • work in a specific defined zone
  • unauthorised opening of door
  • further warnings with individual settings

Use for maintenance and financial departments

  • economy of time and work for administration
  • electronic vehicle log book
  • precise invoicing documents – electronic statistical records
  • fuel evaluation
  • simple accountancy of actions
  • evidence of actions really carried out and invoiced
  • transfer and integration of data into the business (economic) IS in use
  • export of data into various formats
  • following servicing intervals
  • simpler planning of services without limits to planned work

Electronic statistical records with the tablet

  • communication with drivers in the field with zero costs
  • efficient organisation of activities online and operationally
  • administration and management of orders in the field
  • creation of documents for the electronic statistical records of actions
  • tool for identifying and authorising drivers
  • planning and navigation in one piece of equipment
  • information on tasks carried out with a visualisation of their status
  • configuration and customisation of the application according to customer needs

Solution with a single monthly fee and many other advantages.

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