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Transport & Logistics

Use of GPS monitoring and telemetry in lorries, buses, locomotives.


GPS truck monitoring

  • overview of the status of the vehicle and its operational parameters online
  • current position and following its movement in real time
  • record of routes, archival of previous trips
  • clear identification of when and where the action was performed, or any incident happened
  • extra possibility of working with the map: creation user areas, interactive search on the map, work with POI
  • controls whether parameters are being respected in the areas (authorised fuelling, unauthorised parking, exceeding speed limits, deviations from the route, loading/ unloading...)
  • monitoring vehicles using a mobile application

Measuring fuel consumption

  • saves direct costs – fuel makes up 30-40%
  • measures the level of fuel in the tank
  • protects the fuel tank
  • overview of fuel tanking
  • checks the consumption of lorry drivers
  • more detailed information on the consumption and state of fuel via FMS
  • real calculation of consumption according to the nature of the work
  • limits fuel losses and diesel theft

Transport management and forwarding

  • evaluation of the economics of the transport
  • planning and control of the orders online
  • dispatch supervision and management of tasks by the driver
  • planning the complete route of the customer order including TIR
  • simplifies transport administration
  • electronic fulfilment of actions carried out – statistical records
  • free communication between the driver and the dispatcher and between drivers
  • separate monitoring of trailers
  • control of transport conditions and goods handling (medical goods, foodstuff...)
  • reporting planned trips, stops, routes travelled
  • information made accessible to third parties

Communication with tachograph

  • data reading and transfer data from driver cards
  • control activities and working potential of the driver
  • Driver working time, the remaining power
  • data analysis (compliance with breaks, a breach of working time ...)
  • compliance of the obligations without sanctions and fines
  • time and financial savings
  • regular automated system remotely

Driver activity with AETR prediction

  • driver identification (Dallas chip/RFID card/tachograph/tablet)
  • record of work and background documents for drivers (vehicle log book, statistical records, foreign expenses)
  • overview of the user of the vehicle per driver
  • status and whether the driver is authorised to drive (AETR pursuant to EU legislation)
  • load and efficiency of drivers when planning trips
  • optimising and saving personnel costs (15-30% of total costs)

Driving style of drivers

  • evaluation of the driving style of each driver
  • evaluation of the economics of the trip
  • lowers fuel consumption
  • increases the lifespan of the vehicle
  • saves costs for maintaining and servicing the vehicle
  • respects certain criteria and values (speed, braking, crossings)
  • identification of drivers' most frequent mistakes and errors
  • improves discipline and considerate treatment of the entrusted vehicle
  • prevention of traffic accidents and better road safety

Simplifies administration

  • automatic calculation of foreign expenses to be paid
  • vehicle accountancy
  • electronic statistical records – trips and vehicle activity
  • simplifies accounting and invoicing of services
  • record and administration of costs per vehicle (fuel, repairs and services, insurance...)
  • integration of data with the economic software used

Monitoring timber transport

  • transparent and demonstrable system for delivering wood
  • control of transport and actions carried out via a mobile application
  • logistics data under control (origin of the wood, loading/unloading, position, route, delay, free communication with the vehicles...)
  • independent monitoring of transports in the event of deliveries to several customers
  • efficient organisation of transport and unloading
  • transports from all suppliers in one system
  • precise control of costs, precise invoicing documents
  • background documents for resolving incidents and any eventual claims

Data exchange and integration

  • works with the application TimoCom to increase transport safety
  • information on transports to forwarders
  • cooperation and integration with external transporters
  • data integration with various IS used

Increased transport safety

  • following vehicles and transports in the TimoCom system
  • control of events via alarms (SMS, email, audio notification)
  • control of defined safety parameters (speed, fuel tanking, vehicle movement...)
  • activation of the alarm for various situations (connection of auxiliary equipment, door opening, change in temperature regime, connection/disconnection of trailers, movement/entry/exit from an area, suspicious decreases in fuel when engine switched off etc.)
  • prevention of theft
    • protection of the vehicle in unguarded premises
    • protecting the fuel tank using a strainer
    • monitoring the fuel tank lid with detection of opening

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Monitoring of buses

  • GPS monitoring of buses on a map online
  • complete overview of trips
  • identification and personification of drivers, stewards
  • dispatch management and free communication with drivers
  • independent measurement of fuel in the tank with prevention of theft
  • drivers' driving style
  • increase in passenger comfort
  • increase in the quality of services for customers, passengers
  • specific functions dependent on the specific type of operations of the bus transporters
  • alarms and detection of various vehicle statuses and unusual situations

Monitoring rail transport

  • economic information for rail transporters
  • control of resources
  • limits diesel theft
  • level of use of locomotives and increase in efficiency
  • optimising locomotive activities when retaining the same volume of work
  • elimination of driving in neutral
  • control and evaluation of engine drivers
  • increase in the economic efficiency of operations

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