Standard and complex monitoring
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Vehicle log book. Vehicle identification. Company and private trips. Consumption check. Driving style.


GPS vehicle tracking

  • localisation of vehicles and monitoring movement
  • immediate information on the GPS position and status of the vehicle
  • records and archival of trip history
  • overview of company vehicles on the map
  • rapid vehicle search (theft, breakdown, accident, customer complaint...)
  • checking respect for regulations on-line (speed, route...)

User areas and control of the online map

  • extra possibilities for working with the map
  • creation of own areas and definition of various zones
  • control of movement/ parking/ stopping in an authorised or unauthorised area
  • control of various parameters, eg. speed in certain zones

Vehicle Log Book

  • automatic generation of a vehicle log book according to valid legislation
  • detailed breakdown of trips (company/private, purposes of the trips, overview of km, consumption...)
  • precise data for recording and processing trips
  • control and level of use of the vehicle
  • optimising km driven, vehicle capacities
  • various user configurations
  • verification of the vehicle log book

Identification of drivers and trips

  • Personification during vehicle use
  • Dallas/RFID identification – who is logged in for the trip
  • overview of company and private trips
  • record of the working time and control of drivers' work activities
  • intensity of vehicle use
  • accountancy of costs for vehicles and drivers

Driving Style&Evaluating Drivers

  • data from the CAN-Bus
  • control and analysis of the quality of trips (speed, braking, revs...)
  • statistics of driving style per driver/ vehicle: better attitude and discipline
  • identification of deficiencies with an influence on the consumption and wear and tear of the vehicle
  • lowering the risk of accidents, unnecessary repairs
  • increasing safety on the road
  • precise documents for evaluating and motivating drivers

Monitoring consumption and fuel

  • control of refuelling and automatic import of documents
  • current consumption online
  • control of the state of fuel in the tank online
  • precise data – how much fuel was taken, and how much was used up without the information being manipulated by the driver
  • comparison of the consumption between drivers and vehicles
  • excess consumption accepted for tax purposes
  • better driver discipline

Dispatch planning – delivery services, taxi, driving schools, ambulances

  • planning transport
  • planning and optimising routes
  • data communication with the vehicle via mobile applications
  • following transport conditions (temperature, interior comfort...)
  • precise records for invoicing, dealing with claims from customers
  • reliable control of accounts
  • overview of the state, location, capacity of vehicles
  • simpler coordination of orders
  • control of auxiliary equipment (opening of doors, activity of beacon)
  • control of the vehicle's performance by location(authorised movement, stops, parking, leaving the route, time of arrival...)

Monitoring during vehicle maintenance

  • record and management of vehicle costs
  • record and management of vehicle documents
  • service intervals under control
  • easier vehicle maintenance and simpler service checks
  • elimination of unnecessary servicing and investment costs

Security for company vehicles

  • prevention against vehicle theft
  • SMS notifications and alarms
  • alarms giving warning of various events (something happening in the area, stopping in an unauthorised zone, door opening...)
  • psychological impact of monitoring, better discipline, higher sense of responsibility, safer vehicle driving

Monitoring vehicle by mobile telephone

  • online information on the vehicle
  • monitoring in smartphones or tablets

Solution with a single monthly fee and many other advantages.

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